It's me, hi! I'm a copywriter & growth marketing specialist.

My Services

If you're reading this, I'm looking to fill a full-time role on your team! 

I am hoping to fill a mid-level copywriter position, growth or digital marketing specialist position, or an email automation manager position. Or, even better - a role that combines all three!

I am currently open to freelance copywriting opportunities. 

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About Me

I set off to college seeking how to better communicate complex scientific ideas to the public while studying Environmental Policy Writing. Since then I've applied my knowledge to leading buyers through the customer journey, converting initial impressions into new sales. 

I'm a Growth Marketing Specialist with over 3 years of experience, specializing in SEO copywriting, cross-channel campaign coordination, brand messaging, and supportive leadership. I've got a proven track record creating, managing, and executing email automation that drives purchases through high engagement rates.

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“Only by learning to live in harmony with your contradictions can you keep it all afloat.”

Audre Lorde